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Hey there! Want to get in shape and feel amazing? Check out the Confitence! It's got tons of awesome workout programs to choose from, so you can find perfect one for you. Download it now and start crushing your fitness goals!

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ConFitdence Fitness

"Welcome to Confitdence Fitness, where every day is a 'Look Better, Feel Better, Do Better' day—the Confitdence Way! We're thrilled to introduce the Confitdence app, your gateway to on-demand gym and home workouts, dance cardio, step cardio, and nutrition tracking.


Whether you're sweating it out in our in-person classes or crushing your goals with our online workouts, the Confitdence app keeps you connected and fit wherever you are. It's more than just a fitness tool; it's a lifestyle companion designed to kickstart your active journey and instill the Confitdence and independence you need to tackle any challenge.


Join us at Confitdence Fitness and let's make every day a 'Look Better, Feel Better, Do Better' day together! Download the Confitdence app now and let's conquer your fitness goals, one workout at a time."



Core with ConFitdence 

A Pilates based core class for core strength, balance, and stability that target the muscles of the abdomen, back, hips, with an emphasis on controlled movements and proper alignment. throughout the class, participants are encouraged to focus on their breathing, maintain proper form and alignment, and work at their own pace and level of difficulty. The goal of the class is to improve overall core strength, stability, and balance, reduce risk of injury, and enhanced performance in daily activities and sports.


What’s for Dinner!:

Group Training

Our group training sessions offer an awesome team-oriented atmosphere that provides motivation, support, and accountability. Our experienced trainers will guide you and 2-4 other clients through each session with similar target, focus, proper form, and safe technique to maximize the effectiveness of your workout. You'll leave feeling energized, invigorated and ready to take on the world.


Plump It Up!

Booty and Bands

Ultimate fitness class for those who want to sculpt and plump up their peach ! This class combines the use of resistance bands with targeted exercises designed to tone and shape your glutes.  This is the perfect class to help achieve your booty goals.  

Fitness Class


Cookout Cardio 

Cookout Cardio is a fun and innovative group fitness class that incorporates traditional line dancing with dance cardio. This class gives you the feeling of a Black family reunion while you burn calories and have a blast. It's suitable for all ages, so bring your rhythm and get ready to move


Southern Step Cardio

Our Step Hip Hop class is an extreme cardio workout that will get your heart pumping and energy levels soaring! Our instructors will teach you the latest hip-hop music and high-energy choreography to get you moving and motivated. Get ready to sweat and have a blast


Coming Soon!


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